Chapter Handbook

Welcome to the University of Hawaiʻi ʻohana! The work you do on behalf of your chapter is a vital component of creating a strong alumni community worldwide. Chapters are valuable links between the University and its alumni, and we thank you on behalf of the University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association (UHAA) for your dedication and enthusiasm in providing life-long learning and social opportunities for our alumni beyond graduation.

Alumni chapters bring together graduates who all share more than a degree from UH – they share a common geography, academic interest, or specialty. This gives chapters a way to easily involve UH alumni. Each chapter is independent and unique yet strives to achieve the same goals:
  1. Advance the mission of UHAA – to stimulate, promote, and enhance the growth and enrichment of the University of Hawaiʻi system. It shall foster pride and promote a strong image of the University by interacting among the graduates, former students, and members of the community
  2. Serve as a link with Hawaiʻi, UHAA and the University
  3. Provide opportunities for alumni in the local community to come together for social and intellectual enrichment
  4. Build programs that will ultimately support students through scholarships, recruitment support, student sendoffs and parent engagement
This handbook is designed to guide you in developing and maintaining a successful chapter. You will find tools to help start a new chapter, plan events, and learn the ways UHAA can support your chapterʼs goals.

Thank you again for volunteering to serve the University of Hawaiʻi in such a tremendous way. Please let the UH Foundation Alumni Relations staff know if there is anything we can do to help you and your chapter grow.