Alumni Speakers Bureau

How did UH impact your career path? Willing to share your story?

The University of Hawai‘i Alumni Association plans to form an Alumni Speakers Bureau, consisting of alumni volunteers who address groups of high school students and counselors. Alumni selected to participate in the bureau could be invited by UH campus admissions officers to speak about their jobs, and how their educational experiences at UH impacted their career paths.

Strategic recruitment and enrollment is a priority of the University of Hawai‘i, and UHAA aims to support this effort by encouraging our alumni to share their success stories. The goal is to keep Hawai‘i’s best students in Hawai‘i and encourage them to attend UH. This new initiative is a pilot project that we hope to launch soon.

Please consider volunteering your time to share your University of Hawai‘i and career experiences with the community. The time commitment will be minimal (one talk per year). If you are interested in sharing your story, click the button below to complete the Alumni Speakers Bureau form.

For questions, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at (808) 956-2586, toll-free 1-877-UH-ALUMS (842-5867) or e-mail