Distinguished Alumni by Graduation Year

DAA   UHAA Distinguished Alumni Award
FA       UH Founders Alumni Association Award
LA      UH Founders Alumni Association Lifetime Achievement Award
PA       UH Alumni Association President’s Award

Degrees are from UH Mānoa unless otherwise listed.

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Leslie A. Hicks (BS ’17) President, Hawaiian Electric Co., former UH regent. FA ’52.

William H. Meinecke
(BS ’13) UH registrar. FA ’51


Daniel K. ‘Ainoa (BS ’27) Co-founder of Hawai‘i Government Employees Association. FA ’52

Gwenfread E. Allen (BA ’24) Historian and author. FA ’67

Neal S. Blaisdell (Attended ’21-’23, ’27-’28) Honolulu mayor. FA ’63

Laura P. Bowers (BA ’25) Punahou School administrator. FA ’53

Hung Wai Ching (BS ’28) Real estate developer, co-founder of Aloha Airlines, UH regent. FA ’54, LA ’89

Quan Lun Ching (BA ’28) Insurance executive and schoolteacher. FA ’78

Ezra J. Crane (Attended ’19-’21) Editor, Maui News. Headed military intelligence on Maui during World War II. FA ’61

Carl Farden Sr. (BS ’25) Hawai‘i Sugar Planters Association chemist, UH regent. FA ’72

May K. Gay (BA ’23) UH associate professor of health and physical education. Composed the UH alma mater. FA ’52

Baron Goto (BS ’24) Agriculturist, UH professor and emeritus vice chancellor of East-West Center. FA ’53

Bernhard L. Hormann (BA ’27, MA ’31) UH emeritus professor of sociology. FA ’58.

Doris K. M. Keppeler (BA ’24) Pioneer instructor of Hawaiian culture, McKinley High School educator. FA ’54

Herbert A. Keppeler (BS ’24) Civil engineer, Kamehameha Schools trustee, UH regent. FA ’69

Beatrice Krauss (BS ’26, MS ’30) Ethnobotanist, educator author. FA ’56, DAA ’98

Richard K. C. Lee (attended ’27-’29) UH dean and professor of public health. FA ’68

Richard Lyman Jr.
(BS ’25) Territorial and state senator, Kamehameha Schools trustee. FA ’75

Iwao Miyake
(BS ’26, MS ’29) UH emeritus professor of physics, acoustics authority. FA ’53

Jen Fui Moo
(BA ’22) Senior vice president/director of American Security Bank. FA ’57

Richard Penhallow
(BS ’26) Parker Ranch manager, UH regent. Helped establish Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy and Parker School. FA ’59, DAA ’89

Richard H. Rice
(BS ’28) Vice president, Cooke Trust Co. FA ’64

Shunzo Sakamaki
(BA ’27, MA ’28) UH chair/professor of history. FA ’55

Theodore “Pump” Searle
(BS ’26) UH athletics director, Honolulu Stadium promotion manager. FA ’55

Toma Tasaki
(BS ’29) Public school administrator. FA ’70, FA ’83

Fortunato Teho
(BS ’27) UH emeritus specialist in agricultural publications and information. FA ’77

Masayuki Tokioka
(BA ’25) Businessman and philanthropist. Founded Island Insurance Companies. FA ’81, FA ’86

Masao Yamada
(BA ’29) Minister. Worked with community leaders to establish UH Hilo. FA ’80

Ah Hee Young (
BA ’25) Actress. Appeared in Hollywood productions as Soo Yong. FA ’62


Abraham Akaka (Attended ’34-’36) Pastor of Kawaiaha‘o Church, first chair of Hawai‘i Advisory Committee of U.S. Civil Rights Commission, UH regent. FA ’62

John A. Burns
(Attended ’30-’31) Hawai‘i governor. Instrumental in establishing UH medical and law schools. FA ’63

Oswald “Ozzie” Bushnell
(BS ’34) UH professor of medical microbiology and medical history, novelist. FA ’56

Francis M. F. Ching
(BA ’36) Kaua‘i mayor. FA ’61

Hung Wo Ching
(Attended ’31-’32, ’41) Vice chair of Aloha Airgroup, first president of Aloha Airlines, Kamehameha Schools trustee. FA ’58

Wing Kong Chong
(Attended ’36-’38, ’47) Businessman and state representative. FA ’71 

Dai Ho Chun
(BA ’30, MA ’37) UH emeritus professor of education. Headed precursor organization to East-West Center. FA ’59

George V. Clark
(BS ’38) Engineer, construction manager for James W. Glover. DAA ’76

Marion Diamond
(BEd ’35) Educator, musician, entertainer. DAA ’91

Hubert V. Everly
(BEd ’34, PD ’38, MEd ’39) emeritus professor and former dean of UH’s College of Education. FA ’59

Hiram L. Fong
(BA ’30) First Chinese American to serve in U.S. Senate, co-founder of Finance Factors. FA ’60, DAA ’91, LA ’02

Mitsuyoshi Fukuda
(BS ’38, PD ’39) First Japanese American vice presidency at a “Big Five” company (Castle & Cooke). FA ’72

Edward T. Fukunaga
(BS ’34, MS ’35) Pioneer in coffee production research. FA ’59

Yasutaka Fukushima
(BA ’37) Former circuit court judge. FA ’71 

Lillian A. Givens
(BA ’30) Teacher. FA ’69

Allen Hawkins
(BA ’30) Circuit court judge. FA ’80

Hiro Higuchi 
(BA ’31) Minister, chaplain for 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II. FA ’67

William Hiraoka
(BA ’39) President of Island Insurance and National Mortgage and Finance companies. FA ’88

Edward Hiroki
(BS ’38) Manager of Island Pork Producers, insurance agent. FA ’79

Martha K. Hohu
(BA ’32) Award-winning musician, choir director of Kaumakapili Church. FA ’57

Robert H. Hughes
(BS ’38) Retired sugar industry executive, president of Hawai‘i Sugar Planters Association, former UH regent. FA ’73, DAA ’89

Clement M. Judd
(BS ’31) School principal, president of O‘ahu Retired Teachers Association. FA ’85

Dorothy Kahananui
(MEd ’36) UH’s first music instructor. Also taught Hawaiian language. FA ’53

Thomas K. Kaulukukui Sr.
(BEd ’38, PD ’39, MEd ’41) First UH football player to earn All-American honors, Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee. FA ’88, DAA ’90

Charles Kwock
(BA ’33) Minister of First Chinese Church of Christ, president of Chicago Theological seminary. FA ’71

Kan Jung “K. J.” Luke
(BA ’36) Real estate entrepreneur, educator, co-founder of Hawai‘i National Bank. FA ’77, DAA ’92

Ah Quon McElrath
(BA ’38) Social activist, former UH regent. Helped organize International Longshore and Warehouse Union. DAA ’89, LA ’04

Calvin C. McGregor
(BA ’37) Circuit court judge, state senator. FA ’54

Anita K. Moepono
(BA ’39) Probation counselor, social worker, teacher. FA ’55, FA ’85

James Masami Morita
(BA ’36) Attorney, co-founder of City Bank. FA ’82, DAA ’90

Mark Y. Murakami
(BA ’34) Honolulu civil sevice commissioner, insurance agency owner. LA ’90

Theodore F. Nobriga
(BA ’32) Honolulu parks and recreation director. FA ’56

Seido Ogawa
(BA ’37) Minister, executive director of Honolulu Council of Churches. Worked with interned Japanese Americans during World War II. FA ’66

Charles F. Penhallow
(BS ’33) Retired executive, Hawaiian Telephone Company. FA ’81

Hebden Porteus
(BA ’33) Attorney, state lawmaker, Samuel M. Damon Estate trustee. FA ’58

Richard Y. Sakamoto
No information available

Robert Stevenson
(BS ’37, BBA ’37) State adjutant general. FA ’67

Edna Taufaasau
(BA ’37) Hawai‘i state director of personnel services. LA ’90

Ted T. Tsukiyama (Attended ’39-’41, ’46) Attorney, arbitrator, historian and 442nd Regimental Combat Team veteran. FA ’12

Hei Wai Wong
(BA ’37) Real estate broker. FA ’80

Douglas Yamamura
(BEd ’38, PD ’39) UH chancellor, professor of sociology. FA ’78


Isabella Aiona Abbott (BA ’41) Pioneering ethnobotanist, UH emeritus Wilder Professor. DAA ’94, FA ’11

Shiro Amioka
(BEd ’42, MEd ’52) UH professor of education chancellor for community colleges, state superintendent of education. FA ’74

William K. Amona
(BA ’49) Attorney, former City Council member. FA ’69

George R. Ariyoshi
(Attended ’44-’47) Former Hawai‘i governor. First Japanese American elected a U.S. governor. FA ’75

Gladys K. ‘Ainoa Brandt
(BEd ’42) Distinguished kupuna, UH Board of Regents chair. FA ’60, DAA ’87, LA ’00

Rosie Kim Chang
(BS ’47, MPH ’77) Retired health administrator. Lobbied for creation of UH School of Nursing. DAA ’95

Walter G. Chuck
(BEd ’41) Attorney, district court magistrate, special deputy attorney general. FA ’66

Elmer F. Cravalho
(BA ’47) Former Maui mayor and territorial and state representative, past chair of Maui Board of Water Supply, founder of Kula Credit Union. FA ’68

Charles A. Engman Jr.
(BS ’49) Former UH assistant vice president for business affairs and assistant to president of University of Wisconsin. FA ’74

Thomas P. Gill
(Attended UH, ’40-42, ’47) Reform minded attorney, congressman and lieutenant governor. FA ’68, LA ’07

Raymond Y. C. Ho
(BA ’48) Businessman. Served as state’s first treasurer and budget director. FA ’57

David Hyun
(BS ’40) Architect. Designed and developed L.A.’s Japanese Village Plaza. DAA ’95

Teruo Ihara
(BS ’40, PD ’41) UH emeritus professor of education. Lobbyist and advisor to Gov. John Burns. LA ’92

Andrew W. S. In
(BEd ’42, PD ’48) Emeritus dean and professor, UH College of Education. DAA ’95

Haruyuki Kamemoto
(BS ’44, MS ’47) UH emeritus professor of and researcher in tropical plant and soil science. DAA ’01

Jean Sadako King
(BA ’48, MFA ’68) Former lieutenant governor of Hawai‘i. FA ’81, DAA ’87

Ralph Kiyosaki
(BEd ’42, PD ’42) Former state superintendent of education. FA ’62

Samuel Koide
(BS ’45) Biomedical researcher and physician, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University. DAA ’06

Richard Kosaki
(BA ’49) UH emeritus chancellor. Helped create UH community college system. FA ’68, DAA ’96

Daniel B. T. Lau
(BA ’41) Co-founder of Finance Factors. DAA ’02, LA ’09

Robert M. W. Lee
(BA ’42, MA ’51) Former president, Kaimukī Finance and Lee Finance Corp. FA ’73

Fujio Matsuda
(Attended ’42, ’46-’47) UH emeritus president, former state director of transportation. FA ’74, DAA ’91

Spark M. Matsunaga
(BEd ’41) U.S. senator. Won redress for Japanese Americans interned during WWII. FA ’66

Patsy T. Mink
(BA ’48) Congresswoman. Co-authored Title IX anti-discrimination legislation. FA ’66, DAA ’87

Ralph M. Miwa
(BA ’48, MA ’50) UH administrator. Instrumental in founding UH West O‘ahu. DAA ’92.

Margaret Oda
(BEd ’47, EdD ’77) Former district superintendent of education. DAA ’92

William S. Richardson
(BA ’41) Former chief justice of Hawai‘i Supreme Court and lieutenant governor. FA ’64, DAA ’95, LA ’03

Winona Rubin (Attended ’47-’49, ’50s, ’60s, ’72-’73) Educator and advocate for Native Hawaiians. Co-founded Alu Like. DAA ’87

Francis Y. Sogi (BA ’49) Retired partner of Kelley Drye & Warren law firm. DAA ’94

Sakae Takahashi
(BS ’41) Territorial treasurer and senator, state senator, chair of Central Pacific Bank. FA ’61

Richard S. Takasaki
(BS ’40) UH emeritus professor of social work, administrator and former Mānoa chancellor. FA ’64

George Wackenhut
(BS ’43) Founder of Wackenhut security company. DAA ’87

Dick Yin Wong
(BA ’42, MA ’44) U.S. District Court judge. FA ’77

Hirotoshi Yamamoto
(BA ’46) Real estate broker, former owner of Mānoa Finance Co. FA ’69

Wadsworth Y. H. Yee
(Attended ’40-’47) Retired president/CEO of Grand Pacific Life Insurance Company, former state senator. FA ’76


Lucile Abreu (Attended ’53, ’54) Honolulu police detective. First woman assigned to a criminal investigation unit. FA ’78

Joshua C. Agsalud
(BEd ’55, PD ’61) Retired teacher, former state official. DAA ’89

Daniel Akaka
(BEd ’52, PD ’53, MEd ’66) First U.S. senator of Native Hawaiian ancestry. DAA ’87, LA ’99

Eileen Anderson
(BA ’50) Former Honolulu mayor. FA ’81

Charles T. Araki
(BEd ’57, PD ’61) Emeritus professor and dean of UH’s College of Education, founding member of UH Letterwinners Club. DAA ’05

Ronald Au
(BA ’58) Attorney, per diem state district court judge. FA ’83

Ronald E. Bright
(BEd ’56, PD ’57, MEd ’73) Retired teacher, founder and musical theater director of Castle Performing Arts Center. LA ’05

Momi W. Cazimero
(BFA ’55) Owner of Graphic House design firm, former UH regent. DAA ’90

Vernon Char
(BA ’56) Partner in law firm Char Sakamoto Ishii Lum & Ching, first president of UH Alumni Association. DAA ’92

Kane Fernandez (BBA ’58) President and chief executive officer of Fernandez Entertainment. PA ’01

Robert M. Fujimoto
(BA ’51) Retired chairman of Hawai‘i Planing Mill, former UH regent. DAA ’93

Walter M. Heen
(BA ’53) Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee; former legislator, judge and city council member. FA ’70  

Philip Helfrich
(PhD ’58) Emeritus director, Hawai‘i Institute for Marine Biology. DAA ’97

Edward Hirata
(BS ’56) Former Honolulu director of transportation and vice president of Hawaiian Electric Co. DAA ’93

Daniel K. Inouye
(BA ’50) U.S. senator, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. FA ’60, DAA ’00

Satoru Izutsu
(BA ’50) Senior associate dean at the UH medical school, emeritus professor of psychiatry and public health. DAA ’93

Robert N. Katayama
(BA ’50) President of Kapolei Holding Corp. Served as attorney for the Army and the nation’s largest law firm. DAA ’01

E. Alison Kay
(PhD ’57) Noted researcher and UH emeritus professor of zoology. DAA ’89

Francis Keala
(BA ’53) Former Honolulu chief of police. Initiated local Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch programs. DAA ’00

Dewey Kim
(BA ’50) Retired chancellor for UH community colleges. DAA ’94

Donald C. W. Kim
(BS ’58) Chairman/CEO of Amkor A&E, former chairman/CEO of R. M. Towill Corp, past UH regent. DAA ’90

Yoshi Tanji Koga
(BEd ’51, PD ’57) UH emeritus associate professor of dental hygiene. LA ’89

Richard Mamiya
(BS ’50) Retired thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. Performed first heart bypass surgery in Hawai‘i. DAA ’87

Dorothy I. Matsuo
(BS ’50, MPH ’70, EdD ’82) UH emeritus director in student affairs. DAA ’90

Helen R. Nagtalon-Miller
(BEd ’51, PD ’51, MA ’67) UH instructor of education and French. DAA ’94

Harriet Natsuyama
(BA ’59, MS ’60) Mathematician, physicist and systems engineer. Former professor, California State University, Fullerton. DAA ’91

Seiji Naya
(BBA ’58) Chief economist for Asian Development Bank, state economics director, UH emeritus professor. DAA ’06

Thelma Chock Nip
(BA ’50, PD ’6l) Retired educator and school principal. DAA ’04

Frederick F. Y. Pang
(BEd ’58, MBA ’72) Former U.S. assistant secretary of defense for force management. DAA ’95.

Abraham Piianaia
(BA ’53, MA ’55) Geographer, historian, educator. Directed first Hawaiian studies program at UH. FA ’73, DAA ’96

Patricia Saiki
(BS ’52) Former congresswoman. Headed U.S. Small Business Administration. DAA ’87, LA ’10

Patsy Saiki
(BEd ’54, PD ’55, MEd ’59) Educator, author, state Department of Education administrator. DAA ’92

Ben Taguchi
(BS ’54) Engineer, retired president of M&E Pacific. DAA ’94

Edmund K. Toma
(BA ’55) Public school principal, chair of Stadium Authority. FA ’79

James Walker
(BS ’59, PhD ’62) Coordinator of international agriculture for U.S. Department of Agriculture. DAA ’92

Frank Watase
(BA ’50) Head of businesses including Quality! Naturally Foods, Yum Yum Donuts and Sonoma Valley Bagels. DAA ’04

Denis Wong
(BA ’50) Founder of financial management company Denis Wong & Associates. FA ’82

Edwin S. N. Wong
(BA ’51) Former chairman and CEO of Waterhouse, founding member of UH football booster club Nā Koa. FA ’83, DAA ’01

Livingston M. F. Wong
(BS ’52) Pioneered transplant surgery in Hawai‘i, founded Organ Donor Center of Hawai‘i, helped develop O‘ahu  911 system. DAA ’98

Richard S. H. Wong
(BA ’56) Former state senator, Kamehameha Schools trustee. FA ’79

James Yagi
(BBA ’57) Retired UH Hilo head basketball coach. Led team to national tournaments and district championships. FA ’85


Neil Abercrombie (MA ’64, PhD ’74) Hawai‘i congressman. DAA ’91

Dyanne Affonso
(BS ’66) Director of clinical pharmacy training program at UH Hilo. DAA ’98

Amefil Agbayani
(MA ’66, PhD ’69) UH director of Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity, past chair of Hawai‘i Civil Rights Commission. DAA ’96

Doris M. Ching
(BEd ’63, PD ’65, MEd ’71) Retired UH vice president of student affairs. First woman to serve UH as vice president. DAA ’99

Frederick D.S. Choi
(BBA ’65, MBA ’68) Dean emeritus and Distinguished Service Professor of Business at the New York University Stern School of Business. DAA ’12

Michael Chun
(MS ’68) President and headmaster of Kamehameha Schools. DAA ’94

David E. K. Cooper
(BA ’63) Chairman/president of the Hana Group, retired Army brigadier general. DAA ’98

Walter A. Dods Jr.
(BBA ’67) Chairman of First Hawaiian Bank and Hawaiian Telcom. DAA ’93

Frederick Duennebier
(MS ’68, PhD ’72) UH geology/geophysics professor specializing in seismic instrumentation for remote areas. DAA ’05

David Ezra
(Attended ’67-’68) – Senior United States District Judge. FA ’13

Wesley Fong
(BA ’65) Attorney and lecturer at the UH Mānoa School of Travel Industry Management, community leader. DAA ’10

Edwin Gayagas
(BEd ’62) – Community Service Volunteer and Retired U. S. Army Officer. DAA ’13

Robert P. Hiam (BA ’69) President/CEO of Hawai‘i Medical Service Association. DAA ’05

Ronald N. S. Ho
(BS ’67, MS ’68) Founder of electrical engineering consulting firm Ronald N. S. Ho and Associates. DAA ’00

James & Lois Horton (MA ’69) Past visiting professors at UH Mānoa. DAA ’09

Lawrence M. Johnson (BBA ’63) Investor, retired chairman/CEO of Bank of Hawai‘i. DAA ’93

Clement M. Judd Jr.
(MBA ’69) Financial and travel executive. FA ’86

Eleanor Judd
(BA ’66) Former administrative officer for UH School of Nursing. FA ’83

Howard Karr
(BBA ’66) Retired vice chair/CFO of First Hawaiian Bank. DAA ’03

Asad Khan
(PhD ’67) UH emeritus professor of geophysics, former Pakistan senator and minister of petroleum and natural resources. DAA ’95

Mo-Im Kim
(MS ’67) Leader in Korean nursing, first woman to head a Korean government ministry. DAA ’99

Walter Kirimitsu
(BA ’62) President of St. Louis School, former state judge and UH university general counsel. DAA ’07

Patricia Y. Lee
(BA ’65, JD ’79) Attorney with Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel, honorary Honolulu consul to France, former chair of UH Board of Regents. DAA ’06

Alexander Malahoff
(PhD ’65) Director of UH’s Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory. DAA ’93

Ashok Kumar Malhotra (PhD ’69) Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at State University of New York at Oneonta. DAA ’10

Harold Masumoto
(BA ’60, MA ’68) Former director of Hawai‘i State Office of Planning and UH administrator. DAA ’88

Marie Nakanishi Milks
(BA ’66) Retired circuit court judge. First Asian American woman appointed to state judiciary. DAA ’89

Sharon Narimatsu
(BA ’67, MA ’75) Retired UH administrator, former president of Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce. DAA ’91

Ernest K. Nishizaki
(BBA ’69) Executive vice president of Kyo-ya Co. Developed alumni-student mentor program at UH School of Travel Industry Management. DAA ’98

Gary A. Okamoto
(BA ’66) Senior vice president/chief medical executive of Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. DAA ’05

Carole Kai Onouye
(BMus ’67) Entertainer, co-founder of Great Aloha Run, executive producer of Hawai‘i Stars Presents. DAA ’05

Richard Parsons
(Attended ’64-’68) Chairman of Time Warner. DAA ’97

Larry D. Price
(BS ’67, MEd ’71) Co-host of Perry & Price Show on KSSK Radio, former UH head football coach. DAA ’89

Melvyn K. Sakaguchi
(BA ’60) Retired vice chancellor for UH Community Colleges. FA ’85

Yoshiko Sakurai
(BA ’69) Writer, former newscaster on Nippon Television Network. DAA ’95

Puongpun Sananikone
(BA ’68) International development economist and business executive, president of PacMar. DAA ’03

Jay H. Shidler
(BBA ’68) Philanthropist, founder of the Shidler Group. DAA ’07

Ann Dunham Soetoro
(BA ’67, MA ’83, PhD ’92) Anthropologist who studied the rural poor in Southeast Asia and pioneer in the field of microfinance. Mother of U.S. President Barack Obama and Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng (BA ’94, PhD ’06). PA ’12

Jeanette C. Takamura
(BA ’69, MSW ’72) Dean of Columbia University School of Social Work, former U.S. assistant secretary for aging. DAA ’94

Barry K. Taniguchi
(BBA ’69) President/CEO of KTA Super Stores. DAA ’04

Andre S. Tatibouet
(BA ’64) Owner of Aqua Waikīkī Wave Hotel, founder of Aston Hotels & Resorts. DAA ’90

Joyce S. Tsunoda
(BA ’60, PhD ’66) Emeritus chancellor for UH Community Colleges. DAA ’90

Walter Wong
(MPH ’68) Former director of environmental health for Monterey County Health Department. DAA ’92


Robert Alm (BA ’73) Executive vice president of Hawaiian Electric Company; former EVP of First Hawaiian Bank. DAA ’12

Naleen Naupaka Andrade (BA ’76 Hilo, MD ’82) Chair of UH Department of Psychiatry. Instrumental in passage of U.S. Native Hawaiian Health Care Act. DAA ’01

S. Haunani Apoliona
(BA ’73, MSW ’76) Advocate for Native Hawaiian rights, chair of Office of Hawaiian Affairs. DAA ’92

Patricia Lanoie Blanchette
(AA ’72 Leeward, BA ’74, MD ’79, MPH ’79) Chair of UH Department of Geriatric Medicine. DAA ’92

Reiko Brandon
(MFA ’74) Fiber artist and author. DAA ’87

Robin K. Campaniano
(BA ’73, MBA ’83) President/CEO of AIG Hawai‘i Insurance Company, former UH regent. DAA ’00

Fred Shiu Leung Chan (BS ’72, MS ’74) Philanthropist, co-founder of ESS Technology. DAA ’99

Chang-Yoon Choi
(MA ’70, PhD ’73) Professor at various Korean universities, president of Korea Foundation. DAA ’96

Elroy K. Chong
(Attended ’71-’72) Physical therapist, football coach at ‘Iolani and Farrington High Schools. FA ’86

David C. Cole
(BA ’76) Chairman/president of Maui Land & Pineapple. DAA ’97

Patrick H. DeLeon (MPH ’73) Retired chief of staff for U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye and Distinguished Professor of Uniformed Health Care Policy and Research at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. DAA ’12

Gregory Dever
(MD ’78) Director of hospital and clinical services for Republic of Palau, UH professor of pediatrics. DAA ’96

Madeline A. L. Ehia
(AS ’79 Kapi‘olani, BA ’88 West O‘ahu, MPH ’89) Hawai‘i state Department of Health adminstrator. DAA ’90

Eddie Flores Jr.
(BBA ’70) President/CEO of L&L Drive-Inn. DAA ’99

Jack S. Fritz
(BA ’73, JD ’79) Former speaker of Federated States of Micronesia Congress. DAA ’01

William Fruean
(MD ’77) Family practice physician at KPT Medical Clinic. First person of Samoan ancestry to graduate from UH medical school. DAA ’94

Chiyome Fukino (MD ’79) Director of the Hawai‘i State Department of Health. DAA ’09

Gary Galiher (MEd ’71, JD ’77) Senior partner of Galiher DeRobertis Ono Law Firm in Honolulu. Achieved national renown for his expertise in asbestos litigation. With wife, Diane Ono, DAA ’11

Madeleine J. Goodman (PhD ’73) Founding member of UH women’s studies faculty, administrator at UH and Vanderbilt University. DAA ’95

Richard Ha
(BA ’73) Founder and president of Hamakua Springs Country Farms. DAA ’11

Richard M. Hartman (BBA ’74) Hotelier who's held executive leadership positions with Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, InterContinental Hotels Group and ITT Sheraton. PA ’04

Warren Haruki (MBA ’77) President/CEO of Grove Farm, former president/CEO of Verizon Hawai‘i. DAA ’02

Alden Henderson
(BS ’77, MPH ’82) – Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. DAA ’13

Stanton Ho (Cert ’75 Kapi‘olani) Executive chef of Chocolates a la Carte in California, former executive pastry chef of Hilton Las Vegas. DAA ’90

Allan K. Ikawa
(BBA ’71) Founder/president of Big Island Candies, former chair of UH Board of Regents. DAA ’03

Thomas Kaulukukui Jr.
(JD ’77) Board chair of Queen Lili‘uokalani Trust, former U.S. circuit court judge and Queen’s Health Systems vice president. DAA ’06

Kent M. Keith
(JD ’77) Former president, Chaminade University. Wrote best-selling book Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments. DAA ’93

Soon-Kwon Kim
(PhD ’74) Professor at Kyungpook National University in Korea, Nobel Prize nominee for work on crop diseases and maize hybrids. DAA ’98

John T. Komeiji
(BEd ’75) Senior vice president of Hawaiian Telcom. Formerly senior partner with the law firm Watanabe, Ing & Komeiji. DAA ’11

Robert G. F. Lee (BS ’71, MBA ’83) Adjutant general of Hawai‘i State Department of Defense and director of State Civil Defense. DAA ’06

Attilio Kanei Leonardi
(AS Honolulu ’72, MPA ’94) Retired Honolulu fire chief. DAA ’04

Dee Jay Mailer (BS ’75, MBA ’85) Kamehameha Schools chief executive officer. DAA ’09

Sabrina McKenna (BA ’78, JD ’82) State of Hawai‘i First Circuit Court judge. DAA ’09

Wayne Carr Metcalf III (BA ’75, JD ’78) Per diem judge, former state legislator and state insurance commissioner. DAA ’89

Michael S. Nakamura
(AS ’74 Honolulu) Honolulu Police Department chief. DAA ’98

Diane Ono
(BA ’73, AS ’82 Kapi‘olani, JD ’77) Managing partner of Galiher DeRobertis Ono Law Firm in Honolulu, with expertise in asbestos litigation. With husband, Gary Galiher, DAA ’11

Barbara Peterson (PhD ’78) Former professor of history at UH and California State University, Bernardino. DAA ’97

Dudley Pratt
(MBA ’71) Retired chairman/CEO of Hawaiian Electric Industries, former Campbell Estate trustee. DAA ’87

Virginia Pressler (MBA ’75, MS ’81, MD ’82) Executive vice president and chief strategic officer, Hawai‘i Pacific Health. DAA ’10

Pamela Samuelson
(BA ’71, MA ’72) University of California, Berkeley professor. Pioneer in digital intellectual property, cyberlaw and information policy. DAA ’00

Peter Savio
(BBA ’70) Real estate developer, head of Hawaiian Island Homes and Savio Enterprises. DAA ’87

Terry T. Shintani
(JD ’79, MD ’85) UH medical school professor. Created Wai‘anae Diet based on traditional Native Hawaiian practices. DAA ’99

Patrice Tanaka
(BA ’74) Vice chair/chief creative officer of CRT/tanaka public relations and marketing firm. DAA ’03

Donna Tanoue
(BA ’77) Vice chair of Bank of Hawai‘i, former chair of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., past UH regent. DAA ’02 

Lydia L. W. Tsui
(BBA ’75) Co-founder/president of Panda Travel. Also involved in real estate development and management. DAA ’01

Kent Tsukamoto
(BBA ’78) Managing partner of accounting firm Accuity. DAA ’06

Michael B. White
(BBA ’72) General manager of Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel on Maui. DAA ’92

Alan Wong
(AS ’79 Kapi‘olani) Master of Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine, chef/owner of Alan Wong’s Restaurant. DAA ’02

Victor Yano
(BS ’74, MD ’78) Minister of health for Republic of Palau. Founded Belau Medical Clinic. DAA ’06


Beadie Kanahele Dawson (JD ’81) CEO of Dawson Group, advocate for Native Hawaiians. DAA ’04

L. Tammy Duckworth
(BA ’89) Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Major in the Illinois Army National Guard and Iraq war veteran. DAA ’11

David Iha (MEd ’80) Retired Kaua‘i Community College chancellor and secretary to UH Board of Regents. FA ’88

Jong-Wook Lee (MPH ’81) Director-general of the World Health Organization and advocate for childhood vaccinations. First Korean to head an international agency. DAA ’05

Kurt Osaki (BFA ’88) CEO of Osaki Design graphics firm, co-owner of Hukilau restaurants. DAA ’02

Hing Leung Sham (PhD ’80) Senior vice president of chemical sciences at Elan Biopharaaceuticals. Inventor of two patented HIV protease inhibitor medications. DAA ’11

Tina Shelton
(BA ’80) Director of public relations for UH medical school, former television news anchor. DAA ’89

Patrick Sullivan (MS ’81, PhD ’85) – Chairman & Founder, Oceanit. DAA ’13

Barbara Tanabe (MBA ’83) – Owner & Managing Partner, Ho‘ākea Communications. DAA ’13


Kevin Hughes (Attended Honolulu CC ’91-’93) Co-founder of software developer Sprout. Contributed to development of the World Wide Web. DAA ’02

David Lassner (PhD ’98) Vice president for information technology and chief information officer for the University of Hawai‘i System. DAA ’10


Elmer Botsai (ArchD ’00) Emeritus professor and inaugural dean of UH School of Architecture. DAA ’05

Francis S. Oda
(ArchD ’00) Chairman/CEO of Group 70 International architects, senior pastor of New Life Church Honolulu. DAA ’03


Genoa Keawe – Hawaiian music legend. LA ’06

David McClain – University of Hawai‘i System president, 2004-2009; UH System vice president for academic affairs, 2003-4; UH Mānoa Shidler College of Business dean, 2000-3. First joined UH Mānoa in 1991 as Henry A. Walker Jr. Distinguished Professor of Business Enterprise and professor of financial economics and institutions. PA ’09

Wendie McClain – University of Hawai‘i System community liaison. PA ’09

Virginia S. Hinshaw – University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa chancellor, 2007-2012. PA ’12

Every effort has been made to find accurate information on all our Distinguished Alumni. If you notice any missing information or discrepancies, please let us know at 1-877-UH-ALUMS (842-5867) or contact@uhalumni.org. Mahalo.