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More than 1,700 alumni answered our call in a recent online survey and voted favorably for a 25th anniversary “Silver Scholars” alumni reunion. UHAA surveyed alumni who graduated between 1987 and 2011, and 75% of all respondents said “yes” or “maybe” when asked if they would attend a reunion event 25 years after their graduation from a University of Hawai‘i campus. Most (62%) were interested in a concert/live entertainment event. Nearly half (49%) of all respondents graduated more than 10 years ago. Here are highlights of the survey:

Preferred Activity:
Live Entertainment – 62%
Lu’au – 59%
Dinner – 55%
Lunch – 50%
Brunch – 47%
Lecture/ workshop – 37%
Athletic Event – 33%

Preferred Month:
June – 52%
July – 47%

Willing to Pay:
Up to $50 – 39%
$30 – 23%
$20 – 20%

Congratulations to Laurie Takamiya (BBA ’01 Mānoa), the lucky survey taker who won a $100 gift card. Mahalo to all alumni who participated in this survey! We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback as we work to develop new alumni programs.